Carved Books

Carved vintage books become stunning, unique, beautiful new artwork.


Vintage Books

Vintage reference books, recycled, reused and remixed.


Text Books

Vintage  textbooks become remixed artwork.



1031 Studios projects and artwork

Starting with early works from 2012 to current, Shane’s work has progressed and evolved. Using a variety of vintage book types, series and quantity of books, each project are a unique and stand alone art piece.

About Shane

As a former graphic artist in the magazine publishing and advertising world, Shane discovered his technical skills enhanced his artistic flair. Over the years, technology drove new desires where today, Shane has transitioned into an artist after 25 years in publishing and software solutions.

Shanes Art

Three years ago, Shane saw a short blurb on a national news broadcast about an artist carving vintage books. Fascinated with the various art pieces being displayed, the lightbulb went on regarding his artistic focus. After years of hand drawings, digital painting and working with various test mediums, Shane found his calling. Carving vintage books into artistic sculptured books to create new artwork for all to enjoy.


Most of the source material Shane works with comes from discarded library tomes, estate sales and online sources. Looking for outdated reference books that would otherwise see a landfill or crumble in an old garage, never to be seen again, Shane transforms the vintage material into stunning new sculptured book art pieces.